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Q2 Food

"Cook with Passion" -Donna Fatigato

Q2 Granola

3 Delicious & Nutritious Flavors

Q2 Granola contains all  Organic Ingredients and are Gluten-Free.  They are delicious on their own ~ for breakfast or a healthy snack or add them to your favorite foods; yogurt, nice cream and even soups (like the video above).  Any time you want to add a little crunch and fuel your body and mind  with healthy seeds, antioxidants, macro- and micro- nutrients!  Yum!  

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Heart Healthy Cinnamon


Cranberry Orange & Banana Cacao


All Organic Ingredients and Gluten-Free

Q2 Food Philosophy


Q2 = Quality & Quantity

It is as simple as that.  Eat whole healthy  quality food with a mindfulness and controlled quantity with each meal or snack.  Simply eat colorful and I don't mean the sugar-coated candies.  Eat fresh protein sources, whole-grain and lots of fruits and vegetables.   You will be amazed at how your mind and body responds.  In turn, you will change your taste buds and begin to crave the healthier nutritional choices.

Macro- and Micro- Nutrients

In today's world, there are a lot of misconceptions of nutrient restriction of the macronutrients.

 Plain and simple ~ our bodies and mind depend on whole nutritional needs to survive, function and perform.  The two vital nutrients are macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).  They are ALL important as each perform vital functions in the body.  The trick is to understand how each one plays a different role in the body and how to incorporate the proper ratio of each macro-and micro- nutrient into your daily nutrition.   

Fuel your body with macros and micros for optimal wellness.  

Need assistance?  Consider Nutritional Counseling . . . 


nutritional counseling

Let's work closely to see how your body responds to certain types of food and how you can incorporate the 'good response' foods into your daily nutrition.  Ratio portion of whole food nutrients will be addressed  to assist and boost YOUR metabolism.  It's time to reset, change and live without the 'DIE-T' mentality.  

Set up YOUR personalized plan to meet your specific needs either or in person or Online. 


"If it roams on the land freely,

if it swims in the sea ~

If it grows on the Earth

or if you can pick it off a tree.

And when you eat, quantity matters ~

Share the knowledge in your chatters.

Make it matter, shut out the strife ~

For this is a Recipe for a Healthy Life."

-Donna Fatigato

cooking classes

January 16 2020

Healthy & Delicious Cooking Class Creations

6pm - 7pm

Prestige Creative Markets ~ 28W761 Army Trail Road West Chicago, IL

Event Details

January 16 2020

Healthy & Delicious Cooking Class Creations

A cooking class to awaken your senses with flavor - turning traditional food into extraordinary delicious and nutritious creations.  REGISTER

6pm - 7pm

Prestige Creative Markets ~ 28W761 Army Trail Road West Chicago, IL

February 4 2020

Kid's Healthy Cooking Class

6pm - 7pm

Arts & Events @ Delish ~ 148 S Bloomingdale Road Bloomingdale, IL

Event Details

February 4 2020

Kid's Healthy Cooking Class

Ages 5-12 ~ A cooking class to get your kids excited about eating colorful!  Parents can register also, if they would like.  REGISTER

6pm - 7pm

Arts & Events @ Delish ~ 148 S Bloomingdale Road Bloomingdale, IL

Need some insurance? Supplement with cellular nutrition


     There are many products on the market and it is confusing as a consumer to choose the proper product.  Just like your food choices, know where your supplements come from before making your decision and know why it is important to fuel your cells with optimal nutrition.  Whole food always first - but to ensure that you are fueling your cells with optimal nutrition it is vital to supplement - rather than not to supplement.  Whether you are new to the use of nutritional supplements or currently on a supplement regimen, please know the answers to the following five questions.   But ask yourself when you type 'Antioxidants' in the Drug Name at www.pdr.net (the Physicians Desk Reference where you can look up any drug from Adderall to Zoloft) - why do USANA's products only view and most importantly, without any side effects - unlike the vast amounts of prescription drugs.  

For 'Nutritionals that YOU Can Trust' go to my store at www.donnafatigato.usana.com

Need guidance?  Contact Donna@Q2fit.com for complimentary supplement counseling. 

Know the Answers

Where are the products manufactured?  What is the binding agent of the product?  How is the product rated according to quality, purity and potency?  What is the background of the company?  Are they pharmaceutical grade? (which means that they had to go through thorough stringent testing including but not limited to FDA approval)  

If you do not know the answers to the above questions to your current supplements, please find out.  Knowledge is power.   You are putting these products into your body.  Make it matter and choose wisely.