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Health, Wellness & Nutrition for a GREAT quality of life.

Health, Wellness & Nutrition for a GREAT quality of life.

Health, Wellness & Nutrition for a GREAT quality of life.Health, Wellness & Nutrition for a GREAT quality of life.

Community ~

Support Local Businesses ~ 90 Small Business Owners Donna the Wellness Builder


Visit 'Donna the Wellness Builder Store' and support over 90 local small business owners within the beautiful and rustic shopping experience at Prestige Creative Markets 28W761 Army Trail Rd - West Chicago, IL

Support New Ventures & Small Business Owners


The new beautifully lit event space inside Prestige Creative Markets is a perfect atmosphere for your next special event.  Consider Q2 Catering for a great dining experience!  Check out the frequent Q2 Cooking and Wellness classes offered. 

Support Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners


Event space available for classes or small community functions at the new Arts & Events at Delish.  Entrepreneur and baking specialist, Alicia Eisenmann of Delish Cakes in Bloomingdale brings another business vision alive with this multi-room classroom and event space.  Check out the frequent Q2 Cooking Class along with a variety of classes offered.

Support Local Restaurants & Establishments


Designing unique connections with the local community for a popular Beer/Wine Yoga class.  Classes held @ Wolfden Brewing, 112 W. Lake Street in Bloomingdale and at John & Tony's,  27W371 North Avenue, West Chicago

Give Back


Offering ways to support the community and give back.  To help and support others, you can provide self-fulfillment while providing a positive impact on others' lives.

Offer Guidance to Local Sports Teams, Schools & Organizations


Connecting with the community for Q2 Fitness offerings to local schools for teachers at the end of the school day or to enhance local sport and dance teams.

Encourage Mind/Body Practices


Live with your body and mind being in the right relationship with each other.  Meditate, Breathe and Encourage Quiet Moments.  Get outside and enjoy nature.  Encourage your friends and family for some down time.  Your body and mind will thank you.  

Support Community Events & Fundraisers


Providing camadarie in a positive environment is good for the soul.  Get out into the community, participate while helping others.  Support fundraisers and those in need.  



Mentor someone in need or someone that wants to learn or desires inspiration.  Share your talents and encourage positivity and growth.  

Pictured with Addison, the co-illustrator of my first children's book.  Addy is in middle school and such a talented young entrepreneur.