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Health, Wellness & Nutrition for a GREAT quality of life.

Donna Fatigato, On-line coaching, Holistic Wellness, Author


ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Holistic Nutrition Coach

Corporate Wellness

Youth & Senior Fitness Specialist

Weight Loss & Sports Training

Group Fitness Instructor

~ Specializing in Yoga, Pilates

Kickboxing and Spin ~ 

Certified in a vast array of other fitness techniques and structures

Healthy Cooking Classes 

Food Prep

Nutritional Counseling 

Health & Wellness Planning 

Stress & Time Management

Holistic Mind and Body Makeover

Owner of Younique Lifelong Fitness

37 years experience in the health and wellness industry of all ages and medical issues

Professional member and spokesperson for The National Fitness Hall of Fame

Author of Q2 ~ 

'A Healthy Recipe for a Balanced Life'


'Rise Above: 8 Portraits of Life Transformation'

2011 Community Event Volunteer of the Year for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Greater Illinois

One year Chef Mentor for High School students for The Fox Valley Food for Health 

Volunteer and Organizer for a vast array of charities and platforms


If it roams on the land freely, 

if it swims in the sea ~

If it grows on the Earth 

or if you can pick it off a tree.

And when you eat quantity matters ~

Share the knowledge in your chatters.

Make it matter, shut out the strife ~

For this is a Recipe for a Healthy Life.

-Donna Fatigato, Best-Selling Author 'Q2~ A Healthy Recipe for a Balanced Life' #wellness #coach #books

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